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Mouterij Dingemans

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Mouterij Dingemans began in 1875 when Alexander Dingemans started producing malt from barley grown on his own farm to supply the many breweries in neighboring villages. Alexander’s son Alphons had 11 children (“Enough for a football team,” as the Dingemans family says) and seven of his sons worked in the malthouse.

Dingemans benefits from a central location in the middle of the best barley-growing regions of Europe. The facilities and practices have been continually expanded to meet the evolving demands of the brewing industry, from larger germination floors and kilns, to a roasting drum, silo complex, energy efficient measures, and malts produced from organic barley.

Today, Dingemans remains 100% independent and family-owned, with 5thgeneration members Karl and Jan Dingemans guiding the business. Their parents, Alfons Dingemans and Rita Cardon, remain on hand to offer the benefit of their experience.

Mouterij Dingemans combines modern techniques with a longstanding focus on quality and service to their customers.

Dingemans malt is available in 25kg / 55lb sacks, super sacks (totes), and bulk – please contact BSG sales to determine which size is right for you. Smaller samples sizes are also available upon request.