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Gambrinus Malting®

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Gambrinus Malting®️ is Canada’s original small-batch, artisanal malthouse.

Gambrinus Malting® was founded in Armstrong, BC, in 1992 with a vision to combine traditional European-influenced malting practices with the finest barley, wheat, and rye. Our malt was part of the craft brewing movement from its inception, and continues to be a key ingredient in the best craft ales, lagers, and spirits today.

Tradition and Flavor

The original equipment for our malthouses came from Germany, while the beauty and purity of the Okanagan Valley and Monashee Range shine through in our products. Gambrinus malts allow brewers and distillers to tap into centuries-old European brewing traditions with novel flavors of place and provenance.

Innovation and Quality

We believe that creative brewers need flavorful, consistent malt. When we joined the Rahr family of companies in 2017, we added 170 years of malting experience and science to our innovative approach. Today, Gambrinus Malting®️ continues to serve the needs of brewers and distillers in BC and beyond with traditionally-crafted malts infused with the character of our home.

Malt is available in 50/55lb sacks, super sacks (totes), and bulk – please contact BSG sales to determine which size is right for you.  Smaller sample sizes are also available upon request.