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Gambrinus Pale Malt

Base malt that may be used in all types.

gambrinus pale malt
gambrinus pale malt
gambrinus pale malt
Color °SRM
Color °Lovibond
1.9 - 2.5
Moisture % Max
Protein Total
< 13
Extract FG Min
~ 79.0
Usage Rate
Up to 100%
Color °EBC


Our plump 2-row European-style pale ale malt is the base for all beers, and is processed from premium Canadian 2-row barley. Gambrinus Pale Malt is known for its fresh barley and bready character with background notes of biscuit, grain, honey, and hints of nutty and green tea flavor. Use for styles where a rich malt flavor can be shown off, or where a strong malt backbone is needed to balance other strong flavors – IPA, pale ale, brown ale, golden ale, or Scottish and Belgian ales.

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations