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Craft Coast Brews with Gambrinus IPA Malt

Hello? Is this thing plugged in? Everyone say hey to Blake Masoner, Co-Founder and Head Brewer at Oceanside, California’s Craft Coast Beer & Tacos. Blake used to play Tight End. He’s here today to “tacobout” beer, specifically one he brewed with a brand-new IPA Malt from Gambrinus Malting 

BSG: Blake! Tell us about brewing with Gambrinus IPA Malt.  

Blake: We did a West Coast IPA called Plug Walk. A West Coast IPA felt like the best platform to start with. It smelled really good when we mashed it in. We used a little acidulated malt with it and a bag of dextrose to get that clean finish we were looking for. Everything went great on the brewhouse side. The lauter was great. It gave us some good confidence that the recipe that we had written was gonna work.  

BSG: What’s your take on the final beer? How’d Plug Walk turn out? 

Blake: There’s a nice malt finish that balances out all the hop material. There’s a little bit of a bready character that helps keep the palate clean. One term I keep coming back to is balance. Because [the malt] is unique and made for IPA, it really does balance the finish and kind of round it off when you’re putting some intentional IBU into your beer.  

BSG: Would you brew with the mystery Gambrinus IPA Malt again? 

Blake: I would use it again. If you use it in a West Coast IPA, it’s gonna give you a little bit more of that traditional malt character. Not so much of the 100% new-school vibe where it’s just bone-dry and there’s nothing there, no malt to talk about. 

BSG: We want to thank you, Blake, for helping us “Plug” the new Gambrinus IPA Malt and for sharing your time with us. Later! 

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