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The Scottish Workhorse – Brewhouse Trials with Crisp Scottish Pale Ale Malt

Rampant Scotch Ale of Little Thistle Brewing Co.

There’s something special to be said for a malt that’s considered the workhorse of many a brewery, and useable in a respectable amount of beer styles. Crisp Scottish Pale Ale Malt is, as its name alludes, 100% Scottish, with a rich color and balanced sweet, malt flavor which is ideally suited to ale brewing. But, you don’t have to take our word for it- just ask Steve Finnie of Little Thistle Brewing Co., and Luc “Bim” Lafontaine of Godspeed Brewery.

We’ll start in Rochester, Minnesota, where Little Thistle Brewing Co. had set its roots back in 2017, run by Scotland native Steve Finnie and his wife Dawn Finnie. “We are a small (10bbl) brewery and distribute about 10% of our beer locally to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores,” Steve explained. Little Thistle distributes locally in Minnesota, which is where one of their latest releases, Rampant Scotch Ale, can be found. “We chose Crisp Scottish Pale Ale Malt for its reputation. I have used other Crisp products, and was also recommend by a colleague in the industry to try the Scottish Pale Ale Malt,” Steve said.

Little Thistle Brewing Co. Crew

When it came to first impressions, Steve described “characteristically malty and bready with some nice sweetness,” exactly what he was looking for in a “big malty wee heavy” Scotch Ale. “Crisp Scottish Pale Ale malt certainly delivered the goods. Good efficiency, and it helped contribute those big malty and bready notes that I was looking for in a wee heavy. Great thick mouthfeel and depth of flavor. I’d certainly use it again,” Steve said of the malt. “I am from Scotland, so maybe I’m a little biased, but I wouldn’t use this malt if it wasn’t quality!”

In Toronto, Canada Luc “Bim” Lafontaine of Godspeed Brewery agrees with Crisp’s quality base malts. “I’ve been using Crisp Best Pale Malt (the non-Scottish version) as the base malt for many of my brands,” Bim explained. “I like the depth of the malt while not being too intense. A great well designed and balanced malt for my brands.” Based in Toronto, one of Godspeed’s latest in their line of beers is Besuto English Best Bitter. “I used 85% of Crisp Scottish Pale Ale Malt for the recipe,” Bim said of the beer, “along with a bit of Wheat, Amber and Dark malts for a bit of taste and also color adjustments. 100% East Kent Golding for hops. Old school and traditional.”

Luc “Bim” Lafontaine of Godspeed Brewery

The English Best Bitter would be the first time Bim’s used Crisp Scottish Pale Ale in a recipe, but the beer’s already stirred excitement and enthusiasm among the brewery’s fans on social media. “I was curious to give it a shot like many others I do believe- since I am certain that the malt is of superior quality.” Looking forward, Bim says Crisp Scottish Pale Ale Malt is already giving him ideas for future brews, “…where I could add some of it to create an extra layer of complexity in my beers.” To find Godspeed Brewery’s beers, visit them at their online and retail stores, or visit one of their client locations in Ontario.

English Best Bitter of Godspeed Brewery

Craft a Scotch ale of your own with Crisp Scottish Pale Ale Malt, and learn more about Crisp’s Scottish malts, the making of, and recipe formulations all on the BSG Craftbrewing website.

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