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    Rahr 50lb. Bagged Malt – information now printed on gusset of bag


    Starting on April 9th, Rahr will begin printing the lot code, date code, product name and product sku directly onto the gusset of the bags. The colored tag will still be attached, but there will no longer be standard analysis/certificate of analysis (COA) information listed on the tag. 


    Worry not!  You can use our Malt Lot Analysis page to find your COA:

    Click the link above, and follow the instructions on the page to enter Rahr > All Malt > lot code.  The lot code can be found on the gusset of the bag as shown on the example.

    By August 1st, Rahr will be removing the colored tag all-together. We are aware that this may cause some adjustments to be made in terms of picking and stocking in your brewery, as the colored tags have historically been used to help identify/differentiate Rahr malts. 

    If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative.