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Rahr Corporation’s Shakopee, Minn., Location to Expand Malting Capacity

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Rahr Corporation, along with Rahr Malting Co. and Brewers Supply Group are happy to announce Rahr Corporation’s expansion plans.

The plans include the construction of four new facilities: a malt house, pilot brewery and technical center, maintenance warehouse, and distribution center. New parking, green space, ponding, and other site improvements are also part of the plan.

  • The addition of a new 115,000-square-foot malt house will add 70,000 metric tons of annual malting capacity, for a total of 460,000 metric tons. This amount is enough to brew 6 billion bottles of the average craft beer or 12 billion 12-ounce cans of the average light beer. Upon project completion, the company’s headquarters in Shakopee will be the largest single-site malting facility in the world.
  • The 20,000-square-foot pilot brewery and technical center will further Rahr’s position as an industry leader in brewing ingredients and improve the company’s understanding of how its products perform in a realistic brewery environment. The first floor will house a pilot brewing and micro-malting center, and the second floor will house an expanded malt quality control lab.
  • The 15,000-square-foot maintenance warehouse will allow for storage of the parts and equipment needed to maintain the malting facility.
  • The 80,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution facility for Brewers Supply Group will primarily be used for warehousing and order fulfillment. About 6,000 square feet will be used for the bagging of malt, ranging from bulk loads down to smaller sizes for craft brewers.

“We’re very excited to be able to continue growing in our home base of Shakopee,” said William Rahr, president and chief executive officer of Rahr Corporation.

Rahr’s new facilities are scheduled to be fully operational by spring 2017

About Rahr Corporation

Rahr Corporation, which was founded by German immigrant and brewer William Rahr in 1847, is still owned and operated by the Rahr family, now in its fifth and sixth generations. Along with malt production plants in Shakopee and Alix, Alberta, the company has a barley procurement and distribution business in Taft, North Dakota, a hop processing facility in Yakima, Washington, and within Brewers Supply Group, has a network of 11 leased warehouses throughout the United States  and Canada focused on supporting the craft brewer and homebrewing industry.

For more information about these expansion plans, please visit rahr.com.

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