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Main Street Brewing puts Honey Malted Oats to the test

Gambrinus Honey Malted Oats combines the best of two great things, the flavor characteristics of Gambrinus’ flagship Honey Malt with the ongoing trend for New England and Hazy IPAs. Look for bready, grainy, and sweet flavor notes with rich body and silky mouthfeel. Perfect for brewers looking to break the mold of a typical hazy IPA.

Main Street Brewing in Vancouver, BC recently put Gambrinus Honey Malted Oats to the test, and we sat down with their head brewer Azlan Gaves to see how it went.


What beer did you brew with the malt? 

We brewed a Hazy IPA with 5.6% of the grist being swapped bag for bag of Honey Malt vs Honey Malted Oats.

How’d the final beer turn out? 

The Honey Malted Oats version was unanimously the favorite. Amongst a sample group of 5 during a blind tasting everyone agreed a richer and rounder mouthfeel was present, and the sweetness seemed more integrated with the malt profile.

Overall, I am very happy with the end result and look forward to trying Honey Malted Oats in larger quantities in the future.

Malt bill for both brews were as follows with the Honey portion being the exception:

  • Pale Ale Malt – 35.6%
  • Gambrinus Pilsner – 33.6%
  • Wheat Malt – 11.2%
  • Gambrinus Honey Malt 3.3% + Rahr Conventional Oats 13.5%/Honey Malted Oats – 16.8%
  • Chit Malt – 2.7%

Honey Malt IPA Stats:

  • OG: 12.8° P
  • Starting pH: 5.08
  • FG:1.8° P
  • Final pH: 4.36

 Honey Oat IPA Stats:

  • OG :12.9° P
  • Starting pH: 4.98
  • FG:2.1° P
  • Final pH: 4.25


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