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Employee Profile: Chad Hatlestad


Name: Chad Hatlestad

Position: Director of Sales

Office you work out of: Denver, My Car, and Multiple Airliners

Where are you orginally from? Medford, WI

What was the first beer that made a big impression on you? Probably a dark cloudy homebrew from Great Uncle Ernie’s garage stash in Zepherhills, FL circa 1979. He cornered my 15 year old brother (I was like 11) and made him drink an entire mug. The image still is in my head like it was yesterday, and I’m certain it forged my career path. The next even bigger influence came from Summit Brewing when they were on University in St. Paul, MN.  A beer named Great Northern Porter, still one of my favs!

What is your favorite hop? EKG, plain simple subtle naked.

What is your favorite beer or beer style? (Do you have a regular go-to beer?) Umm….anything my customers make. Seriously, I’m a serious New Glarus hoarder, and gravitate to German Pilsners and Helles to cleanse my palate.

What is your favorite food-beer pairing? IPA and Thai

Do you have any brewing experience? I brewed professionally for 10 years prior to my tenure at BSG. The highlights of my brewing days include working for Kaltenberg Castle’s HRH Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, and winning a silver at the WBC in the Weizen Bock Category, while head brewer at Linden’s.

What activities do you enjoy in your free time?  Road and Mountain Biking, Snowboarding and Skiing, Gardening and Cooking, Hiking, Shooting, Climbing, Foraging for Mushrooms, Technical Reading, Mid Century Modern Home Renovating, Cider and Sake Making, and of course…Family Time!

Share a food recipe that pairs well with a certain beer style: I’m a true Cheesehead. Give me some Ossau Iraty or Petite Basque paired with a Left Hand Polestar Pilsner please!

Anything else you would like to share? My better half Amie, and  our 2 cats spoil me rotten. The Green Bay Packers are in my blood. Punk Rock (and music in general) saved my life.

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