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    BE-134 In The Brewery


    Earlier this summer, the Rahr Technical Center Brewery had a chance to trial the new SafAle BE-134 yeast. 

    How did the yeast perform?

    Performance-wise, I think the yeast did very well: the beer was mostly fermented after 5 days and continued to slowly dry out over another 4. 

    How would you describe its kinetics?

    I would say the yeast is very highly attenuative, we have not used anything else quite like it. This beer finished at 1.5°P, probably due to the 10% Caramalt used in the grist. 

    And the sensory aspects?

    From an organoleptic standpoint, the yeast delivered what it promised: lots of esters and phenols one would expect from a Saison, plus a low final gravity.

    Overall I’d say I am pleased with the yeast and would recommend it, but would remind brewers to plan for high attenuation when using this strain.


    SafAle BE-134 will be available from BSG in late summer 2017.