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As Seen at CBC 2024

Hello, Brewers! Las Vegas was a wonderful host for this year’s CBC, and we had a blast with everyone who visited the BSG Booth for conversation, education, and all things fermentation. In addition to judging IPAs and Hazies in the World Beer Cup, BSG Product Portfolio Manager Matt Johnson spent time pouring samples for brewers and beer professionals. In case you missed the convention, he’s here to share all the grainy details on a few of the ingredients that got folks buzzing. 

Gambrinus IPA Malt in TapRoom Beer CompanyOriginal 40 Collab So Breezy
Gambrinus IPA Malt is a great single-malt solution for any IPA or Pale Ale. It performs well in the brewhouse with excellent extract and consistent flavor, and it has a light hay color and just a hint of malt backbone to help the hops sing. ‘So Breezy’ by TapRoom had a nice biscuit undertone beneath the stone fruit character from TNS HopBurst® Amarillo®. 

Fermentis SafAle™ W-68 in RTC Roggenbier
Roggenbier, which is German for ‘rye beer,’ is an ale made with large portions of malted rye rather than barley or wheat. The most assertive of all the cereal grains, rye infuses beer with a spicy, peppery flavor. Brewed at the Rahr Technical Center, this beer showcased Gambrinus Rye and Weyermann® specialty malts, as well as Fermentis SafAle™ W-68. This weizen yeast is developed from the iconic Weihenstephan weizen strain, known for its robust phenolic character and estery notes. 

Mango Puree in Big Dog’s Brewing Co.’s Wayne Frewton
BSG Mango Puree is made from 100% alphonso mangoes and is a nice addition to any beer as it lends a great natural flavor with moderate tartness. ‘Wayne Frewton’ IPA offered a good balance between its bitter and tart elements. It was light in color with complementary mango notes that set off the finishing hops.  

BSG Select CiderBase™ & Fermentis SafCider™ in RTC Cider & Mojave Brewing Co.’s Ruby Soho
BSG Select CiderBase™ is tangy, all-natural 100% apple juice concentrate. It’s non-alcoholic and gluten-free. Fermentis SafCider™ is a line of yeast specifically designed to ferment cider, imparting notes of fresh apple and applesauce. The ciders both turned out off-dry and highly crushable in the desert heat. Also appearing here is BSG’s proprietary yeast nutrient for ciders, Ciderferm™. Easy to use and flavorful, these cider-specific ingredients provide everything brewers need to use existing tank space for a new product line.

Ready to rock a new recipe or two? Contact your BSG rep for these fantastic ingredients and more. 

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