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Fermentis SafAle™ W-68 500 g

Fermentis SafAle™ W-68 is the iconic weizen strain and ideal for brewing German-style wheat beers, including Hefeweizen, Kristallweizen, Dunkelweizen, Weizenbock, and more.

Usage Rate
50 to 80 g/hL (0.07 – 0.11 oz/gal)
Fermentation Temperature
64.4°F – 78.8°F
Store in cool (<59°F), dry conditions.
Total Esters
Shelf Life
36 months from production date. 7 days from opening.
Viable Cells At Packaging
1.0 *1010 cfu/g


Suitable for a variety of wheat beers and other styles with fruity-spicy profiles, Fermentis SafAle™ W-68 produces aromatic beers rich in phenols (notes of clove and pepper) and esters (floral and fruity banana flavors). Known for medium sedimentation, this strain forms no clumps and will appear as a powdery haze when resuspended in beer. 

Product Information Sheet