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Zimaskin® – 1 kg

zimaskin  kg


Pectinolytic, polygalacturonic plus hemicellulose/cellulose activity. This liquid enzyme accelerates the extraction of aromatic precursors and improves clarification of ciders when added to the crusher.

Directions for use:
Dilute Zimaskin® 1:10 parts in water, add at the crusher making sure it is mixed thoroughly. Leave Zimaskin® in contact with the must for the duration of maceration. Tolerant to normal levels of SO2. Optimal temperature range is 10°-30°C. Higher temperatures increase speed. For each increase by 10°C, the enzymatic action doubles in speed.

Dose: From 1 g to 5 g/hL must

Pack Size: 1 kg bottle

Storage: Cool, dry cellar temperatures. Close opened bottles securely.