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Who is CanCraft®

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In craft brewing, with so much attention paid to making the beer, packaging it can often be an overlooked part of the process. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here at BSG we not only offer the best-curated portfolio of ingredients, we also have an entire division dedicated to packaging. CanCraft’s team of design & aluminum specialists are here to support beverage producers of all sizes during every step. Whether you need a full-service packaging experience from design to delivery, or you just need some aluminum cans, CanCraft® can do.

To learn more, we sat down with Johanna Lee-Travis, CanCraft’s VP of Packaging:

In your own words – who is CanCraft?

“To me, CanCraft is BSG’s team of packaging experts focused solely on cans and packaging. It’s not about just the cans themselves but the design and brand customers bring to market. We think of ourselves as craft brand ambassadors, here to support our customer in a competitive space.  It’s really about taking the BSG customer service model of deploying subject matter experts and applying it to cans. If you think about our ingredients team, they balance their technical knowledge and understanding our customers business to provide brewing solutions.”

“Our team is no different, they have deep connections in the craft brewing industry and exist to guide customers through the entire process. Can supply can be a real pain point for folks. It’s a challenging time for our customers as they navigate market forces like sourcing issues, shifts in demand, dynamic aluminum costs, and managing risk. Can products are out there, but it’s about finding consistent, quality supply that aligns with the craft industries best practices. No one wants to be kept awake at night worry about where their next load of cans is coming from. That is what CanCraft is here to defend against.”

“A big part of our customers’ packaging process is design and making sure their product stands out on the shelf, which is why CanCraft employs an in-house design team to really support businesses in bringing their brand to life.”

What does CanCraft do?

“Essentially CanCraft helps simplify the packaging process for customers.  We do this by giving them the opportunity to start and complete their packaging journey with a single vendor. “

“We work with customers to coordinate and deliver blank, printed, & sleeved aluminum beverage cans – plus ends & carriers. Our creative services team supports our customers with design coordination, print assessments, and/or custom artwork creation from scratch.”

“It’s important for us that no matter the size of the business, customers can get flexible and responsive service from CanCraft.”

How do they do it?

“At CanCraft we have an amazing team made up of packaging, design and industry experts who are committed to giving our customers exceptional customer service and technical support. Having the right people who are as passionate about craft as our customers is essential to what we do. We really want to provide the support and connection customers need to succeed, and that starts with our people.”

“It also helps that we have several resources at our disposal. CanCraft has a first-in-class converting center in Guelph, Ontario, plus access to BSG’s extensive distribution network. We also stock blank cans, ends, and carriers at many other BSG distribution centers: Vancouver, Washington; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; Oceanside, California; West Warwick, Rhode Island; Airdrie, Alberta; Montreal, Quebec; and Shakopee, Minnesota.”

“So not only are we able to service customers across North America, but we can also leverage these resources to save customers money by consolidating their ingredient and packaging orders.”

Why should customers work with CanCraft?

“Working with CanCraft means we manage the entire packaging supply process for customers, from label conception through to ready-to-fill can delivery, but we don’t think it stops there. CanCraft takes care of all the “moving parts” simplifying the entire can supply journey, so our customers can really focus on what’s important to them, making delicious products.”

“I think that’s what really sets us apart. Every step of the way there’s going to be a human dedicated to your business. It doesn’t just end once the cans are delivered, if you have a question, need tech assistance, or have an issue with a delivery, CanCraft is here to help. We don’t view our relationships with customers as transactional, it’s a partnership.”

“We believe custom solutions should be accessible to everyone, regardless of a brand’s size or reach, but rather their commitment to their craft.”

“So, I guess the short answer as to why is, we make it easy. Customers make the beer – CanCraft supports them with the can to put it in!


Visit https://bsgcraftbrewing.com/CanCraft to get in touch directly with the CanCraft® team.

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