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Rye IPA (RYEPA), Rye Porters, Rye Stouts, Rye Lagers are now commonplace on every craft-centric tap list and bottle-shop shelf.

Using Rye malt isn’t a new-fangled approach to adding depth, flavor and character to beer though; Roggenbiers are a long-standing German style of beer using up to 50% rye in the grist bill.  The Finnish beverage, Sahti, also uses a healthy amount of rye, along with juniper bows/berries and oats to produce it’s unique characteristics.

However, the use of Rye malt in IPA’s, Stouts and other popular beer styles has helped Rye malt make it’s mark within the stable of ingredients aiding to push American craft beers forward.  Rye malt is a lot like American aroma hops in it’s ability to define “new”, “unique”, and “craft”.  From the occasional Rye Pale Ale, to now having dozens of RYEPA’s to choose from, the trend has become the norm, and norm is good.

With that in mind, CARARYE® from Weyermann® is a great option for adding that Rye bite and unmistakable character to one of your beers.  Recommended usage is up to 15%, as this caramel malt is best suited as a supporting actor vs. a main player. Intense aromas of bread, coffee, dark chocolate and dried fruit also come through.

If you’re looking to add a Rye-influenced beer to our portfolio, specialty line-up, or taproom only offerings, we highly recommend giving CARARYE® a run.  The superior quality of Weyermann® that has helped create so many award winning beers is the kind of quality you can come to expect from CARARYE®.

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