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Vicinal Diketones (VDK) Analysis

Measurement of total 2,3-butanedione (diacetyl) and 2,3-pentanedione in beer using headspace sampling. Tests are performed in duplicate and average data is included with our report.

Vicinal Diketones VDK Analysis
Vicinal Diketones (VDK)
ASBC Beer-25F


Vicinal diketones (VDKs) are a group of flavor compounds that may convey buttery or butterscotch flavors to beer, decreasing beer drinkability, and/or adding a slick mouthfeel at high concentrations.

VDKs can be formed through extracellular decarboxylation during and/or after fermentation, either in bulk or in package. Short aging times, oxidants, such as oxygen and metal ions, and late yeast activity, i.e., hop creep, are common causes of elevated levels of VDKs in finished beer.

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