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Total and Free Sulfite Assay Kit

A rapid, simple, reliable and accurate method for the measurement and analysis of total sulfite (sulphite) and free sulfite in wine, beverages, foodstuffs and other materials.

total and free sulphite assay kit


Sulfites improve the microbial stability of a wine and act as an antioxidant when present in the unbound ‘free’ form (FSO2). There are legal limits to the concentration of total sulfite (TSO2) that may be present in wine and these vary between territories. The Total and Free Sulphite Assay Kit is based on a simple and rapid chemical reaction, with reagents supplied in a ‘ready-to-use’ liquid formulation.

Each kit contains reagents for 80 tests (40 of each) using a standard manual spectrophotometer, 160 tests using the MegaQuant™ Wave, or 800 tests using an auto-analyzer or microplate reader. All reagents are stable for >2 years.

Compatible with MegaQuant™  Wave Spectrophotometer




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