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TNS HopBurst® Citrulicious Hop Oil 1L


HopBurst® Citrulicious is distilled from an intense and delicious US hop variety. Use as a dry hop replacement or supplement in West Coast or hazy IPA, DIPA, and other hop-forward beer styles.

The HopBurst® line from TNS delivers dry hopping aroma. These varietal- and flavor profile-specific hop oils are sourced from premier hop growing regions around the world. Applicable for any beer where a subtle to strong dry hop character is desired.

HopBurst® hop oils are 100% soluble in beer, shorten tank occupancy, reduce beer loss, and make cleanup easier; when used as a dry hop replacement, they eliminate the risk of hop creep and refermentation.

Suggested dosage rate:
12–24 g/bbl or mL/bbl (10-20 mL/hL, or 0.4 – 0.8 mL/gallon) for lighter styles
35–47 g/bbl or mL/bbl (30-40 mL/hL, or 1.1 – 1.5 mL/gallon) for IPAs and hoppy styles

Optimal dosage rate depends on the beer you’re brewing and other ingredients being used. Because TNS Hop Oils are highly concentrated, we recommend performing a bench trial for evaluation first, then scaling up to production volumes.

HopBurst® hop oils can be added post-fermentation: either inline, or directly to a bright tank. Allow dosed beer to rest for 2-3 hours before conducting lab tests or sensory trials.

HopBurst® hop oils can also be added during active fermentation for biotransformation.

Benefits of TNS Hop Oils

Featured Testimonials

The TNS Hop Oils allowed us to achieve the flavor and aroma we were looking for while keeping the perceived bitterness in check. They are high-quality products that are extremely easy to work with. 

Mike Salo, Vice President of Brewing Operations at Fulton Beer