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TNS HopBurst® Chinook Hop Oil 1L


HopBurst® Chinook is distilled from the fantastic dual-purpose American hop variety. Spicy and piney with notes of grapefruit, use it as a dry-hop supplement or replacement in IPA and other American-style Ales.

The HopBurst® line from TNS delivers dry hopping aroma. These varietal- and flavor profile-specific hop oils are sourced from premier hop growing regions around the world. Applicable for any beer where a subtle to strong dry hop character is desired.

HopBurst® hop oils are 100% soluble in beer, shorten tank occupancy, reduce beer loss, and make cleanup easier; when used as a dry hop replacement, they eliminate the risk of hop creep and refermentation.

Suggested Dosage Rate
12–24 g/bbl or mL/bbl (10-20 mL/hL, or 0.4 – 0.8 mL/gallon) for lighter styles
35–47 g/bbl or mL/bbl (30-40 mL/hL, or 1.1 – 1.5 mL/gallon) for IPAs and hoppy styles

Optimal dosage rate depends on the beer you’re brewing and other ingredients being used. Because TNS Hop Oils are highly concentrated, we recommend performing a bench trial for evaluation first, then scaling up to production volumes.

HopBurst® hop oils can be added post-fermentation: either inline, or directly to a bright tank. Allow dosed beer to rest for 2-3 hours before conducting lab tests or sensory trials.

HopBurst® hop oils can also be added during active fermentation for biotransformation.

Benefits of TNS Hop Oils