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Tettnang (US)

US Tettnang is mild with spice and earthy notes.

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Alpha Acid Range %
4.0 - 5.5
Beta Acid Range %
3.0 - 5.0
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha
22 - 28
Total Oil mL/100 g
0.5 - 0.9


Breeding/Development: USA. An American-grown cultivar of the famous noble German landrace hop. Most US Tettnang acreage is in Oregon and Washington.

Brewing Application: With slightly higher myrcene levels and a more spicy, earthy profile than its German-grown counterpart, US Tettnang excels as a finishing hop in American craft beer reinterpretations of European styles: wheat beers, Kolsch, Alt, and lagers.

Sensory: Mild, pleasant floral notes with low-key noble spice and an earthy character.

Botanical Classification:
Family: Cannabaceae
Genus: Humulus
Species: Lupulus

Maturity: Early

Yield: 1000 – 1300 lbs/acre