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An Indie Hops variety. Fruit-forward and dank aroma hop for craft IPAs.Fruit-forward and dank aroma hop for craft IPAs.

vinyl album with Strata hops on the cover
Alpha Acid Range %
12.0 - 15.0
Beta Acid Range %
5.0 - 6.0
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha
Total Oil mL/100 g
2.3 - 3.5



Breeding/Development: Born in 2009, Strata® is the progeny of an open-pollinated Perle located at an Oregon State University experimental field in Corvallis, Oregon. Strong disease resistance, a vigorous growth habit, and hypnotic layers of flavor have launched Strata into the top echelon of craft IPA hops. 

Sensory: Bright notes of fresh strawberry, passionfruit, and melon give way to layers of ruby red grapefruit, cannabis, and dried chili pepper. Dry hopping cranks up the dank and tropical aromas.  

Brewing Application: Ideal for aroma and finishing additions, Strata performs well in an ensemble and shines bright solo. Fruit-forward and dank in Pale Ales, West Coasts, and Hazy IPAs, Strata contributes a clean and refreshing profile in traditional German beers such as Helles, Pils, and Kolsch.