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    New Zealand Hops

    Since Nelson Sauvin awoke the brewing world to a new dimension of Southern Hemisphere hop flavor, New Zealand hops have become renowned for their exotically fruity, savory, distinctive character. BSG carries a wide range of New Zealand varieties for formulations clean or funky, hop-forward or really hop-forward. 

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    New Zealand Dr. Rudi (Super Alpha)

    Dr. Rudi is a versatile variety with a lemongrass-pine character.

    New Zealand Green Bullet™

    An all-purpose Southern Hemisphere variety with a proven track record in the brewhouse.

    New Zealand Kohatu®

    Kohatu® is a new variety with an ideal blend of subtle tropical fruit and pine aromatics.

    New Zealand Motueka™

    Motueka’s zingy lemon-lime overtones make for a unique aroma hop.

    New Zealand Moutere™

    A big hop for big beers, Moutere™ delivers grapefruit and passionfruit with notes of hay, spice, and pine.

    New Zealand Nelson Sauvin™

    A New Zealand powerhouse with ripe tropical fruit and wine-like aromatics.

    New Zealand Pacific Gem™

    Dual-purpose with aromas and flavors of dry wood and forest fruit.

    New Zealand Pacific Jade™

    Highly versatile with a distinctive bright citrus-black pepper spice aroma.

    New Zealand Pacifica™

    Hallertau Mittelfrüh ancestry with Southern Hemisphere fruit for mellow, noble aroma.

    New Zealand Rakau™

    High-intensity aromas of ripe stone fruits and pine for high-intensity beer styles.

    New Zealand Southern Cross™

    An excellent all-purpose hop with a definite New Zealand fingerprint.

    New Zealand Taiheke®

    Duel purpose New Zealand grown cultivar with remarkable citrus and tropical fruit characteristics.

    New Zealand Wai-iti™

    High oil content with distinctive peach and apricot character.

    New Zealand Waimea™

    Waimea™ is a natural fit for any beer where a powerful hop character is desired.

    New Zealand Wakatu™

    A standout for lagers, blending New Zealand character with Hallertau Mittelfrüh parentage.

    New Zealand Hops

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