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Re: New Transportation Management System (TMS)

Dear Customers,

In January 2021 BSG is launching our newly developed Transportation Management System (TMS). This program will allow us to more effectively compete in an increasingly difficult freight market, and to ensure your shipments arrive in good condition and when you need them.

As you are likely aware, freight costs have been going up and this trend is likely to continue. Our new TMS program will help to offset this increase and keep freight affordable for our customers in the long term.

When orders are submitted before 1:00 PM Central Time, our new TMS program will enable us to consolidate LTL shipments into combined FTL shipments, which will offer many benefits.

When your order schedule can accommodate a slightly longer lead time, BSG’s TMS will add efficiency, improve tracking, reduce damage due to cross-docking of LTL shipments, and help maintain freight costs.  

As always, please contact your sales manager or customer service representative with any questions.


The BSG Team