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New Managing Director for Crisp Malt

Crisp Malting Group, the British maltsters who supply craft brewers across the US via BSG CraftBrewing, has just announced the appointment of a new managing director. Adrian Dyter, currently global category manager at Carlsberg, will succeed Euan Macpherson in the early summer. Euan will be retiring after 29 years with Crisp and a lifetime career embracing the brewing, distilling and malting industries.

Current managing director Euan Macpherson will retire after 29 years at Crisp

Adrian is currently responsible for raw material purchasing for Carlsberg’s global spread of breweries. Before joining the Danish brewers at their Swiss base, Adrian enjoyed a distinguished career with Boortmalt (previously Greencore Malt and before that Pauls Malt) as chief commercial officer.  He will be moving back to Britain to embark on the handover process and take up his new post in the spring.

Chief executive David Thompson says that the directors are looking forward to welcoming Adrian in the new year. “His skills and experience are ideally suited to the role. The fact he is very familiar with Crisp as a competitor and, more recently, as a customer will give him a good head start.

Chief executive David Thompson says, “During the time Euan has been at the helm, Crisp has expanded significantly, acquiring two maltings and establishing a very strong relationship with barley growers. He’s been directly responsible for building trade with craft brewers in the USA as well as in Britain. This commitment to the burgeoning craft brewing sector has been unstinting and is reflected in the volume and diversification of Crisp’s sales.”

The company now has two maltings in Scotland and three in East Anglia, England. They are all based in prime barley-growing areas – known for producing some of the finest malting barley in the world. The ever-growing range of specialist British malts produced by Crisp is ideal for English ales ranging from bitters, golden ales and IPAs to porters, milds and stouts.

Says Euan Macpherson, “There’s widespread recognition for the exceptional quality of ingredients produced at Crisp’s maltings, and for our strong support of the US craft brewing sector. At the core of the business is a great team – hardworking and committed to the best standards.  Adrian will be well supported in his endeavours to further develop the company. He will find in the US a fantastic array of customers who are dedicated to producing consistently top quality British-style beers; who are keen to engage in technical discussions; and who like to experiment with specialist ingredients.”

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