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Meet NZ Hops Ltd.

About New Zealand Hops Ltd.

New Zealand Hops Ltd. is a cooperative of Master Growers, built on family values, whose legend and cultivars have been crafted for over 150 years with creativity and passion. From humble beginnings, they have grown into a strong and prominent primary industry in New Zealand.

A History of Quality

New Zealand Hops Ltd. has supported a professional plant-breeding program since the 1950s and, in 1972, New Zealand became the first country in the world to commercially produce hops from triploid hop cultivars in response to international brewers’ demand for seedless hops. With core business values founded on collective sustainability, innovative research, creative technologies and modern operational capability, the co-op exports 80% of its harvest to over 40 countries worldwide.

A Decade Of Development

During the last decade, the breeding program of new hop cultivars has focused on the development of quality aromatic hops utilizing traditional European noble hop cultivars for selected development. Commercial production of selected aroma cultivars has been a major factor in the most recent growth of the New Zealand hop industry. This is reflected in the demands by international brewers for these quality aroma hops, with their reliable yields of alpha acid. Hops currently grown include 18 unique New Zealand varieties, 3 specially selected northern varieties, and some conventional NZ hops grown as certified Organics.

Fantastic Results

New Zealand Hops Ltd is able to offer a range of hops with interesting aromatic properties providing the brewer with the dual benefits of both pleasant aroma and economic bittering. New Zealand hops have been used in a number of International prizewinning beers and are also used as the cornerstone hop in many major brands.

The Environmentally Pure Difference

Pure New Zealand Hops are grown in pristine river valleys and plains under a low impact, integrated pest management system to produce certified spray free hops. New Zealand Hops Ltd can offer a range of completely organically produced and certified hops. Innovation in hop breeding, chemistry and analysis continues through their research partners, New Zealand Plant and Food Research and in collaboration with the New Zealand Hop Research Committee.

Harvested For Perfection

New Zealand hops are harvested in late February and March of each year. During drying, hot water radiators are the source of heat, thereby ensuring the hops stay free from any contamination by exhaust gases. The dried hops are pelleted at the co-op’s facility near Nelson. Quality and safety is assured throughout every stage of production via an auditable on farm GAP certification program and cold storage and processing under ISO (9001-2015) quality and HACCP systems.

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