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MCI Irish Stout Malt

Malting Co. of Ireland Stout Malt is a light-colored base malt produced from Propino barley , characterized by high extract, low protein and plump kernels.

mci irish stout malt
Color °Lovibond
Extract FG Min
Moisture % Max
Usage Rate
Up to 100%
Protein Total


Malting Company of Ireland Stout Malt is produced from Irish 2-row spring barley which is grown with all the benefits of fertile soils, mild temperate oceanic climate and the long growing season.  These factors help to provide a malting barley with very large and plump kernels, which makes it ideal for brewing.  With it’s high extract content and enzymatic strength, this malt has been specially developed to be combined with raw adjuncts to provide the foundation of many a pint of famous Irish stout.

Being a mild flavored malt it can add a smoothness and depth to a beer without being overwhelming on the palate.  Having being developed with ease of conversion in the mash in mind it is extremely versatile and can be, and is, used in many styles of beer.