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Malt Ordering

malt ordering

Samples: 1lb sample bags are available: please contact your sales manager to arrange for samples.

Sacks: BSG CraftBrewing offers all malt in 50lb/55lb sacks.

Bulk: 1 ton totes and bulk delivery is also available by special order with certain malts.  Please visit our Bulk Malt ordering pages for more information.

Special Orders: Special order malts and pack sizes are available but please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery.

Receiving Bagged Malt

Before signing the shipment Bill of Lading, each bag and/or pallet should be inspected. Look for torn or broken bags and ensure every bag and pallet is accounted for. You can reference the packing slip attached to each pallet or package.

  • Rejection of any load must be made within FIFTEEN MINUTES (15) after trailer is spotted at customer’s dock; product becomes the customer’s responsibility if delayed beyond this standard.
  • Customer will be billed back for any carrier detention charges billed to BSG beyond free-time. Drivers have been instructed to contact their dispatcher and BSG if delays extend beyond the limits specified in our carrier contract.
  • Provide driver with specific instructions relating to warehouse unloading process within 15 minutes of driver check-in; notify driver of any unloading delays.
  • Receive and sign paperwork from driver/carrier. Clearly note any discrepancies on delivery documents; driver must be given an opportunity to verify discrepancies and to notify dispatcher and BSG.
  • Record seal number onto carrier documents and warehouse receiving document. If there is no seal, indicate on documents.
  • Record visual appearance of the load or other appropriate description. Take pictures of any damaged loads and keep with receiving documents. Pictures and other receiving documentation are essential in claim resolution with carrier.
  • Contact BSG immediately to review load condition and next steps if serious product or delivery issues exist (up to and including load rejection).
  • If product quality problems exist, do not allow carrier/driver to depart from premises until disposition is agreed upon; inspection by 3rd party may be arranged. Driver must call his dispatcher immediately.
  • Unloading should be completed in a timely manner. Carriers generally charge detention for unloading delays in excess of two (2) hours; if this free time is consistently exceeded, BSG will bill back receiving warehouse for payment of the carrier’s detention expense.

If any problems arise:

  • First, note how many bags were shorted, broken, or any other circumstances on the Bill of Lading before signing. Please take a photo.
  • Then call BSG Customer Service within 48 hours to report, and we will explain how to submit the photo.

Malt Storage

All grain suppliers do their utmost to provide a product that is insect free. However, once the product leaves the plant or warehouse it is beyond their control. We recommend the following:

  • Inspect the malt area at regularly scheduled intervals. This is of particular importance when the room temperature is above 64 degrees F.
  • Malt should be stored in a clean, cool, dry area and if at all possible, away from walls.
  • To reduce the likelihood of insect activity, you may choose to fumigate periodically (Organic malt cannot be fumigated).
  • For best results, we recommend using all milled products within 3 months and all whole kernel products within 6 months of receipt.
  • Keep malt away from strong odors for extended periods of time

Special Orders

Imported Malts take, on average, 12 weeks to arrive from the time we order. Please work with your sales representative on Special/Seasonal orders, and supply monthly projections to ensure adequate inventories.

Malt Analysis

Please visit our COA lookup page to find malt analyses by maltster and lot number.


  • Prices are discounted on orders of 40+ bags of malt. Please inquire.
  • Due to carrier weight restrictions, we are unable to ship more than 2,500 pounds per pallet (remember to include the 60 lb weight of the pallet in this 2500 lb limit).
  • Customers who require a lift gate, please note: maximum allowable weight per pallet is 2,000 pounds (including the weight of the pallet itself).
  • Discount programs have been established with numerous LTL (less than truckload) carriers. A carrier with the best rate for your shipping destination and a strong history of reliability will be assigned, unless otherwise requested.
  • Should you elect to provide your own carrier for pick-up at our warehouse (“Freight Collect”), the pick-up will have to be within our established pick-up times.  Please ask your customer service representative for your local pick-up times.  As soon as Freight Collect orders are picked up from our warehouse, we have no further responsibility for the products, and all risk of damage, loss, or delay shall pass to the customer.