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Malt DMSP Analysis

Measurement of dimethyl sulfide precursor (DMSP) in malt may be used as an indicator of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) potential in finished beer. This analysis is performed by heating wort samples in closed vials, sampling the headspace after incubation, and quantifying DMS using gas chromatography. Tests are performed in duplicate and average data is included with our report.

DMSP in Barley Malt by GC Analysis
Concentration of Dimethyl Sulfide Precursor (DMSP), by Headspace Gas Chromatography


Dimethyl sulfide precursor (DMSP) is converted to DMS during the brewing process. Malt DMSP concentration is related to barley protein content and kilning intensity during malting. Although DMS is an integral component of beer aroma, concentrations much greater than the sensory threshold are generally unwanted in all beer types.