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Make it Pop with German Saphir Hops

Guten Tag, hop sniffers, and welcome to this edition of Smell & Tell. Let’s all grab a barstool and get acquainted with Saphir, a German aroma hop grown and known for its enticing bouquet of floral, spicy, and citrus properties.

Released in 2002 by the Hop Research Council in Hüll, Saphir was developed to resist the pesky diseases and pests that sometimes plague its parent hop Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Featuring hints of tangerine and red berries, Saphir’s characteristic “noble hop” spice plays wonderfully in traditional continental lagers as well as Belgian Whites. Great in the whirlpool and well suited for dry hopping, here’s what two brewing professionals have to say about working with Saphir:


Eric Bramwell, Co-Founder and Head Brewer, Riverlands Brewing: “I really like Saphir when used with a light hand. Its profile can dominate other German noble hops if you go heavy with it, but used with a light hand it can be a really nice hop to enhance a German Pils – a little something extra that makes it pop.”

Jim Cibak, Brewmaster, Revolution Brewing: “Rev Pils was designed from the beginning from a brewer’s point of view. We wanted a nice crisp pilsner. So we dry-hop it at 2 lbs./bbl with Select and Saphir hops. At 35-40 IBU the bitterness is there, and its dry-hop character is aromatic and floral.”

Other beers where you may have tasted Saphir include:

Go Deeper
BSG’s German Saphir hops come from the Hop Growers Cooperative of Hallertau (HVG). Founded in 1953 to promote German hop production across the globe, the collective remains focused today on developing and applying hop varieties that benefit growers, brewers, and the environment. Meet one of HVG’s members who grows Saphir, learn more about BSG’s range of German hops from HVG, or get to know where they come from with a virtual walk through HVG History.

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