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Introducing Weyermann® Eraclea Pilsner Malt

New to BSG’s portfolio of malts for 2018 is Eraclea Pilsner from Weyermann® Specialty Malts. This terroir malt is grown on the fertile alluvial plain of Eraclea, near Venice, Italy, alongside similarly-renowned agricultural products including grapes for Prosecco and Soave wine, and durum wheat for pasta.

Breeder Saatzucht Breun developed Eraclea, a 2-row winter barley, through selective breeding in the 1970’s, although it does not do well in the humid growing conditions typical of Bavaria.  Eraclea prefers arid conditions and has the important ability to store humidity to sustain growth during the emergence phase.  The climate of Italy’s Adriatic coast offers perfect conditions for Eraclea Pilsner Malt to flourish, with long sunny days and dry conditions encouraging its growth.

Expect Eraclea Pilsner to supply a delicate aroma with a noticeably sweet finish for creating beers with high drinkability. Deborah Wood, Brewing Ingredient Specialist for BSG Canada, remarks that Eraclea “makes an ideal summer beer base malt, as well as the perfect companion to noble-hop varieties from places like Alsace, Hallertau, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia, which borders Italy only a short drive from the Eraclea region.”

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