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Introducing Samba™

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Samba™ is the first proprietary release in the BSG Hop Solutions portfolio, available exclusively from Brewers Supply Group. It is named for the “overwhelming tropical dance explosion” its aroma evokes. With a sensory profile dominated by juicy tropical fruit (specifically pineapple and mango) plus tangerine and stone fruit, Samba™ is an ideal option for late and dry-hopping juicy, hazy, and other modern IPAs.


Brewing Application:

Samba™ is perfect for late kettle and dry hop additions for big juicy and hazy IPAs, or any other hop-forward ale or lager. Early brewing trials showed the fruity character exhibited in sensory carried through into the finished product.

About BSG Hop Solutions:

BSG Hop Solutions is a joint effort between the brewers, hop specialists, and brewing scientists on staff at BSG, BSG Hops, and the Rahr Technical Center. Launched in 2019, this new product portfolio will be an incubator for innovation in hops and hop products. Look for more new releases coming soon!

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