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Citra® contributes unmistakable, lush tropical and fruit notes.

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Alpha Acid Range %
11.0 - 13.0
Beta Acid Range %
3.5 - 4.5
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha
22 - 24
Total Oil mL/100 g
2.2 - 2.8


Breeding/Development: Washington, USA. Parentage includes Hallertau  Mittelfrüh, Tettnang, Brewers Gold, and East Kent Golding. Developed by the Hop Breeding Company of Yakima and released in 2007, Citra® remains highly sought after for its unique flavor characteristics.

Brewing Application: Because of its distinctive and intense aromatics, Citra® is best in a late addition or dry hop capacity. Used as a single variety or in a blend, Citra® does well in American wheat beers, pale ales, IPAs Belgian-style ales, and has been known to complement Brettanomyces ferments.

Sensory: Strongly tropical and lush with a host of fruit flavors including peach, passionfruit, guava, lychee, grapefruit, lime and gooseberry.

Botanical Classification:
Family: Cannabaceae
Genus: Humulus
Species: Lupulus

Maturity: Middle

Yield: 1200 – 1600 lbs/acre