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Historic Malt: RMI Analytics Heirloom & Terroir Symposium Recap

RMI Analytics Heirloom & Terroir Symposium

On November 12th, RMI Analytics held the RMI Analytics Heirloom & Terroir Barley and Malt Symposium in Nuremberg, Germany to explore the histories behind various “all-but-forgotten” malt varieties. The symposium dove into the real and imagined potential of these varieties, as well as their scientific challenges, sensory characteristics, success stories, and tips and tricks; all in the context of modern brew houses and malt. Over 100 attendees from assorted countries were there representing different areas of barley breeding, farming, malting, distribution, sales, and breweries. Speakers from these diverse areas of the industry covered those topics with in-depth presentations about heirloom and terroir barley varieties.

“I think everyone came away with a much better understanding of the topic, and the over-arching theme that barley and malt, heirloom or not, are topics that needs more exposure and coverage in the world of beer,” said Jake Keeler, VP of Marketing at BSG. At the symposium, Keeler discussed Chevallier and Maris Otter alongside Dr. David Griggs of Crisp Malting. Dr. Griggs gave a breakdown of the breeding, growing, malting, and analysis that Crisp used with both varieties, while Keeler covered how BSG launched Chevallier and Maris Otter into the US market.

“One can get complacent about topics they deal with on a day to day basis…events like the RMI symposiums help remind us to consider new ideas, ask more questions, and reignite our interest,” said Keeler. “I think we all benefitted from the structure of the talks, topics that followed an almost chronological lifespan of the barley/malt, and the quality of each speaker. It felt as if we were collectively writing a story about the subject together.”

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