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    Grower Profile: Ross Hukins, Haffenden Farms

    Ross Hukins

    Hukins Hops - Haffenden Farms

    Tenterden, Kent


    Ross Hukins is the fourth generation of his family to grow hops at Haffenden Farms in the Weald of Kent. Founded in 1880 by Alexander Hukins with just 20 acres, successive generations of Hukins have maintained a focus on growing heritage British aroma varieties.


    Over a century later, Ross enjoys both the challenge of growing hops as well as its vital link to the brewing industry. “My favorite variety right now is Bullion,” he says. “Its fruit notes are fantastic in IPA and other hoppy styles. We work hard to raise quality as well as variation in aromas, and look forward to expanding our facilities and acreage to further serve brewers everywhere.”


    Total acreage:

    45 acres


    Varieties grown:

    Fuggle, Challenger, Bullion, Ernest, Goldings, Bramling Cross, Cascade



    Bruff Hop picking machines, five kilns, plus storage.


    Farm certifications:

    Red Tractor


    Industry & trade memberships:

    NFU, British Hop Association, Wealden Hop Members