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Glycerol GK Assay Kit

The Glycerol GK test kit is a simple, reliable and accurate method for the measurement and analysis of glycerol in beverages, foodstuffs and other material.

glycerol gk assay kit


High glycerol is associated with a more fullbodied mouthfeel. The Glycerol GK Assay Kit has a reaction time of 7 min and is designed for use with any type of analyzer. This kit uses a positive reaction for greater ease of use (i.e. the assay proceeds with an increase in absorbance).

Each kit contains reagents for 70 tests using a standard manual spectrophotometer, 140 tests using the MegaQuant™ Wave, 600 tests using an auto-analyzer or 700 tests using a microplate reader. All reagents are stable for >2 years.

Compatible with MegaQuant™  Wave Spectrophotometer 




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