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Finishing Touch: Botanicals in Gins and Spirits


The essence of spirits’ flavor can lie in the use of botanicals. In gin, the use of juniper is essential, but other aromatic and flavorful botanicals can be included. For rums, botanicals add flavor that exist on their own or spice-up Spiced Rum. Adding them to vodka can bring a unique twist to the aroma. Even bitters can add in further ingredients to create complex and creative flavor concentrates. In any capacity, botanicals provide unique character and fascinating aromas to gins and spirits.

New Botanicals:


Suitable for use in various styles of beer and spirits. Cinnamon brings sweet, woody aromas and warm, spicy sweet flavors to any beverage. Of the four varieties of cinnamon grown throughout the world (which include Ceylon/Sri Lanka, Korintje/Indonesian, Cassia/Chinese), Saigon/Vietnamese cinnamon is intensely fragrant, extra spicy and warmer and sweeter in taste than the other varieties, with less bitterness and pungency than Chinese Cassia.

Saigon cinnamon has a higher essential oil content and is described as having more aromatic dimension than the other varieties as well. Distillers may find common Ceylon cinnamon too mild for good extraction and presence in their final spirit. Recommended recipe usage can be found here.


Wormwood can be used in numerous styles of beer and spirits, and brings strong bitter notes in aroma and flavor. Originating in Albania. A plant with a long and varied history in distillation. Used in the Middle Ages in gruit (beer made with other bittering agents besides hops) and mead, but best known for its central role in producing absinthe. Banned in the early 1900’s over exaggerated claims of toxicity, absinthe is once again popular.

Wormwood provides the bitter, green, and mint-like flavors to not only Absinthe, but Alpine génépi liqueurs and some vermouth. Recommended recipe usage can be found here.


Great for use in various beer styles and spirit recipes, Ginger is a zesty, warm spice with spicy, woody flavors. Originating in Morocco. Our ginger is highly fragrant with notes of pepper and overtones of citrus and earth.  Ginger liqueurs are steadily gaining in popularity in the US market. Recommended recipe usage can be found here.


Elderflower is an excellent addition for any beer style or spirit, with deeply floral in aroma with background of vanilla and citrus. Elderflower in flavor is said to be similar to various aromatic fruits, such as passion fruit, pears, and grapes. Originating in Albania

The flowers of the elderberry plant contribute distinctive but delicate perfume, floral, pear-like and lychee-like notes and a touch of musk to spirits. Elderflower liqueurs have become popular in the market. Recommended recipe usage can be found here.

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