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Fermentis SafSpirit™ M-1 500g

Formerly SafSpirit™ Malt. Recommended for craft distilling of Scotch-type whiskies as well as other malt or grain whiskies and bourbons.


The most famous strain for producing Scotch and single malt whiskies. Produces great congeners, suitable for the aging of the whiskies in barrels. Good alcohol resistance (over 15% v/v). Very good attenuation due to the assimilation of complex sugars, making it the best option for whiskies produced form malt, when enzyme addition is not allowed. Good choice for continuous fermentation. Despite its popularity in Scotland, it is suitable for producing all kinds of whiskies or distilled grain (raw or malted) beverages that will be aged in barrels.

Dose: 50-80 g/Hl. Fermentation Temp: 20-32°C (68-89.6°F).