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Fermentis SafAle™ S-04 – 500g

English Ale yeast displaying fast fermentation and excellent sedimentation (flocculation) properties.

% Dry Weight
94.0 - 96.5
Usage Rate
50 to 80 g/hl
Fermentation Temperature
53.6 - 77ºF, ideally 59 - 68ºF
Residual Sugars
18 g/l - at an apparent attenuation of 75%
Store in cool (< 50ºF), dry conditions
Total Esters
37 ppm at 18ºP at 20ºC in EBC tubes
Total Superior Alcohols
363 ppm at 18ºP at 20ºC in EBC tubes
Shelf Life
36 months from production date. 7 days if opened.
Viable Cells At Packaging
>1 x 10^10 cfu/g for ales | >6 x 10^9 cfu/g for lagers


A well-known, commercial English ale yeast, selected for its fast fermentation character and its ability to form a very compact sediment at the end of the fermentation, helping to improve beer clarity.

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