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Crisp Rye Malt

Reddish hue, improved head retention and mouthfeel, with flavors ranging from toffee/caramel to spicy depending on inclusion rate.

Color °Lovibond
6.0 - 10.0
Moisture % Max
Extract FG Min
Usage Rate
Up to 55%


In brewing, when mixed with barley malt, rye malt can improve head retention, improve mouthfeel and introduce flavor changes of a toffee/caramel note at lower inclusion rates and a spicy after-palate at higher inclusion rates. Most notably, rye malt will also impart a reddish hue to beers. 

Rye Malt is higher in beta-glucans which can cause issues with run-off at high inclusion rates – we recommend use of rice or oat hulls.