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Centennial Hop Extract – 150 gma

Centennial hop extract has an alpha acid content of 48.1%

centennial hop extract gma


About BSG CO2 Hop Extracts

CO2 Hop Extract is a pure resin produced through supercritical CO2 extraction, whereby the essential bittering and aromatic compounds of hops (alpha acids, beta acids, and oils) are separated from the leafy plant material. The extraction process removes solids, while the CO2 is recovered and reused. The final resin is then analyzed for brewing values and packaged in ready-to-use food grade cans.

About gma
The unit of measure for BSG’s CO2 Hop Extracts is grams of alpha acid (gma) – a 150 gma can contains the resin extracted from 2-6 pounds of hops.  

Brewing with CO2 Hop Extracts
For ease of use, we recommend formulating recipes to use CO2 Hop Extract in entire can increments.

One method for adding extract to wort is to place an open or perforated can in the grant during runoff; another method is to dissolve the extract in hot water or wort in a separate vessel or container, and then add the mixture to the boil or whirlpool. Another common method is to suspend cans in the kettle during the boil using a basket.

CO2 Hop Extracts require wort boiling to isomerize their alpha acids. Early kettle additions (~ 60 minutes of boil time) will lead to an alpha acid utilization of approximately 35%. Actual utilization is dependent on equipment, process, and recipe specifics, and bitterness contribution should be confirmed through lab analysis of wort/beer.

Late kettle or whirlpool additions of CO2 Hop Extracts will yield variety-specific flavor and aroma contribution.

Calculating Bitterness 

The gma calculator on this page can be used to calculate gma required to achieve target IBU levels when using CO2 Hop Extract. Please contact your sales manager for more info or assistance.