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Brewgooder Global Gathering

Crisp Brewgooder

BSG and Crisp Malt partnered with Brewgooder to encourage craft brewers in the US to participate in the Global Gathering, a fundraiser that uses the power of craft beer to help provide clean water for people in developing countries.

Brewgooder’s Global Gathering is a collaboration campaign that takes place over one weekend in March which aims to:

  • Bring together hundreds of brewers across the world contributing a small batch beer launching in their home city on the same day – March 20th 2020.
  • Raise $700 through sales, events or fundraising challenges done by each brewery.
  • Invest 100% of the funds in projects in Malawi they hope will bring 100,000 people clean drinking water access.

Over 200 breweries have already signed up so far – see the full list here.

Although the donation window for Crisp Malt has ended, you can still participate in the Global Gathering and support Brewgooder. Thank you for your outstanding support.

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