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Brew Great Beer. Save More Money. Here’s How.

BSG, Kerry, and CanCraft

Brewers, business owners, and beer-league bowlers know all too well that you can do everything right and still catch a bad break. Balls bounce in unpredictable ways. 

John, Len, Ole, Ed, and Frank from the 1952 Rahr Malt Bowling Team, courtesy of Reddit 

When you’re staring down a seven-ten split, or bed posts in bowling parlance, maybe the only thing to do is hurl the ball down the lane and hope for the best. There’s always another frame. 

But if you’re looking for more flexibility in your brewing budget or a few smart strategies to spare you trouble later on, lace up those rental shoes and keep reading. BSG has your back. 

Fun Fact: Did you know “kegler” is German for bowler?  

Save on Flavorings  
Creative brewers around the world have been experimenting with fruit flavors in their beer for centuries. Perhaps longer. Depending on the beer style you’re brewing, your target flavors, and your brewery’s production capabilities, you might incorporate whole fruit, fruit puree, powder, or extract in your recipes.  

Explore several flavoring options, such as Raspberry Fruit Powder and Kerry Lime Extract

For the brewer on a budget, our fruit powders and Kerry Fruit Extracts offer specific advantages over whole fruits and purees, among them: less mess, greater yield, easier handling and storage, longer shelf-life, improved consistency, and cost-efficiency. Available in a range of seedless package sizes and pulp-free flavors, the possibilities are plentiful. 

Shorten Aging Time with Kerry Biomatex L ALDC 

For a little background on Kerry Biomatex L ALDC, the latest product to join BSG’s portfolio, we hand over the next paragraph or three to BSG Technical Support and Training Manager Ashton Lewis.

“Love it or hate it, diacetyl is satiating and reduces the drinkability of beer. It’s also considered a flaw in all of today’s most popular styles. Diacetyl rests and prolonged aging are the old standbys for diacetyl mitigation, but these methods take time and are often ineffective at reducing diacetyl after dry hopping. 

Are you looking for an easy solution? Simply adding alpha acetolactate decarboxylase, or ALDC, to wort before fermentation prevents diacetyl from accumulating in beer, period. ALDC works its magic by converting alpha acetolactate, the precursor to diacetyl, directly into flavorless acetoin (see graph below). A second dose upon dry hopping is a great protective measure to prevent diacetyl spikes often associated with hop creep. In both applications, total diacetyl (diacetyl + precursor) levels are well below the sensory threshold when fermentation is complete. 

Use Kerry Biomatex L ALDC and you won’t lose beer to that buttery bastard diacetyl. 

ALDC results in shorter aging times, increased equipment utilization, lower beer inventory costs, and peace of mind knowing that alpha acetolactate is not going to convert and turn your Crispi Boi or Hazy into a butter bomb after packaging. Routine use in all beers also reduces process variability and makes cellar scheduling easier. Contact BSG for more information.” 

Consider Ride Sharing for Your Aluminum Packaging 
From Ontario to Utah and at all our North American distribution centers in between, CanCraft keeps at the ready a steady quality supply of Printed Cans, Blanks, Ends, Lids, Carriers, and more. They also allow your brewery to order as much or as little volume as your brands require, which is nice.  

The real perk we want to point out, however, is your opportunity to defray shipping costs when your cans are transported with your malt pallets and other ingredient orders from BSG. If all that sounds more confusing to schedule than scoring a bowling match after two pitchers of beer, simply call your rep. We’ll set up all the pins so you can keep knocking ‘em down.  

For help avoiding logistical gutter balls and getting more bang for your buck, contact BSG at https://bsgcraftbrewing.com/contact-us/. 

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