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Falling In Love Is Easy: Rediscovering Classic Beers From Belgium

Consumer preferences are notoriously unpredictable. You never know for sure if the latest beer fad will go bust after a single batch or become your brewery’s next flagship. Fortunately, BSG Technical Support and Training Manager Ashton Lewis knows a thing or two about navigating uncertainty. “In a sea of Hazy IPAs and Cocoa Pebbles Porters,” he […]

Holy Beer! Praise and Glory to the Trappist

Although religious devotion to beer may seem like a modern phenomenon unique to millennials and the craft movement, beer and religion have been connected as long as well…beer and religion. Whether in celebration or condemnation, beer has always played a role in humanity’s spiritual life. In fact, some of the earliest brewers were monks and […]

Lakes & Legends Brewing Co. Brews a Wild Bock with Fermentis BR-8

Many brewers love the flavors produced by a wild Brettanomyces bruxellensis yeast, but they often shy away from using it due to its unpredictability. Thankfully with SafBrew™ BR-8 from Fermentis you can now get all the distinctive flavors of Brett brux but with more control and reliability. Kabel Lefto, Lead Brewer at Lakes & Legends […]

Fermentis Helps You Pick the Best Yeast Strains for Biotransformation

Biotransformation is a hot topic. Much like the fundamental, alchemical magic of fermentation itself, biotransformation of hop compounds by yeast offers brewers the potential to create novel compounds beyond the usual suite of variety-specific aromatics. The activity of yeast cells during active fermentation is key – but which yeast? Our friends from Fermentis are here […]