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10 Little Known Facts About Yeast

There’s a lot to know about yeast, and Fermentis is here to tell you all about it! Here’s the top ten facts you may not have known about yeast, brought to you by Fermentis Academy.

Distiller’s Yeast Highlight: SafTeq Blue yeast

SafTeq Blue is an authentic yeast for the production of tequila and mescal. Fermentis selected this specialized strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in conjunction with CIATEJ AC, a research center in Jalisco, the heart of Mexican tequila production.

It’s Time to Brew that Oktoberfest!

Whether you’re sticking to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law of 1516) or want to make your own twist on the Oktoberfest Märzen style lager, BSG CraftBrewing can provide you with the ingredients you need to brew this long-time enjoyed beer. So, unless you’ve stuck to German tradition and have had your Oktoberfest already aging in a cave or cellar to be enjoyed at the end of summer, then you better get to brewing!

RTC Beers at CBC 2018

The Rahr Technical Center Brewery has been busy brewing for the past several months, and you can have a chance to sample the results at the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville. The RTC beers encompass a wide range of styles highlighting the flavors and aromas of some of the ingredients available from BSG’s suppliers.

Blackstrap Molasses in Rum Production

            Rum is a great portfolio spirit for both new and established craft distillers: it has a compelling history, it’s perennially popular with consumers, versatile in cocktails, and can be packaged as a white spirit as well as aged in wood. Plus, its production is fairly straightforward given the right raw materials. The Technical Sales team […]

CBC 2014 Preview

Thousands of craft brewers and craft beer industry folks from around the world are about to gather in Denver CO, for the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference and World Beer Cup, put on by the Brewers Association.  From April 8th – 11th , and the week leading up, Denver will become the center of the Craft Brewing Universe.

Hop Profile: Kazbek

Named after Mt. Kazbek, a dormant stratovolcano in Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains, Kazbek hops have seen increased acreage every season in the Czech Republic since their release in 2008.

CBC 2014 – BASECAMP set up

Well, we made it to Denver.  From all over the country, the BSG CraftBrewing crew converged to work as one. Setting up BASECAMP for the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference.

Obstler: Fruit Brandy from the Alps

I first encountered Obstler at a trailside Gasthaus heading down a mountain. My wife and I were staying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps, and had spent the day hiking der Eckbauer and stopped to fortify ourselves at a trailside inn. There were wonderful breads and cheeses from Alpine-pastured cows, followed by little glasses of […]

Women’s Day Collaboration Brew at Bilboquet Brewery

Planning for Women’s Day 2019 is well underway around the world, from concerts to breakfasts to collaboration brews. One such collaboration brew has taken place in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec at the Bilboquet Brewery (Microbrasserie Le Bilboquet).  Headed by Deborah Wood of BSG Canada, the Bilboquet Brewery hosted a variety of women brewers from the Quebec brewing […]

Women’s Day 2020 Brew Day at Microbrasserie Le Bilboquet

Enjoy a look into the recent Women’s Day Brew Day at Le Bilboquet, made by the new La Sororité group founded to help women organize and execute collaborative brews. These beers give back to the local community through donations to local women’s charities in Quebec. The recipe is a take on a Classic Oatmeal Stout, […]

Corny Bois: Flaked Maize for Light Lagers

Spring, and a brewer’s attention turns to Crispy Bois: Mexican-style lagers, pre-Prohibition and American lagers, and other warm-weather crushers.