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Zimarom® – 100 g

zimarom  g


A blend of pectinolytic and polygalaturonic active enzymes to improve clarification whilst the ability to liberate glycosidically bound aroma molecules in cider post ferment.

Directions for use:
Dilute Zimarom® 1:10 parts in water, add to must at the end of fermentation, mix thoroughly. Optimal temperature range is 10°- 30°C. Higher temperatures increase speed. Not affected by normal SO2 levels, Zimarom® is inhibited by the presence of glucose. If you are using Zimarom® in musts prior to complete fermentation, use more enzyme than the levels below.

Dose: From 1 g to 3 g/hL of must at the end of fermentation

Storage: Cool, dry cellar temperatures. Close opened bottles securely