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Yeast Extract T-154 – 18.14 kg

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Yeast extract is used in many microbiological media recipes because of its rich nutrition, and for the same reason it is also perfect for yeast and ML fermentation in wine. T154 is a full autolysate high in amino acids in proportions used by yeasts.

It also supplies natural vitamins, micro nutrients, and other yeast components in an easily soluble form, so nutrients are available instantly to yeasts. Yeast Extract is one key to the great success of Superfood and our other nutrients.

Why don’t ALL yeast nutrients contain yeast extract? Most yeast extracts are designed to enhance meaty-toasty flavors of hearty soups and stews, so they taste too strong to add to wine.

Extracts made from brewers’ yeast can be bitter or rancid-tasting. But T154 is produced to minimize sensory qualities, so it does not give off-flavors.

Additional Notes:
T154 is agglomerated to reduce its very hydroscopic nature, but if exposed to air it will become sticky and then harden. If hard lumps form it will not dissolve readily and cannot be used.

Dose:  If added separately 6-12 g/hL, 1/2 to 1 lb/1000G

Supplies 11 ppm YAN at 1# per