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Women’s Day Collaboration Brew at Bilboquet Brewery

Planning for Women’s Day 2019 is well underway around the world, from concerts to breakfasts to collaboration brews. One such collaboration brew has taken place in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec at the Bilboquet Brewery (Microbrasserie Le Bilboquet)

Headed by Deborah Wood of BSG Canada, the Bilboquet Brewery hosted a variety of women brewers from the Quebec brewing community. “This idea of doing a woman’s day brew grew organically, and had a very strong response in Quebec’s female brewing community,” said Wood. Over 18 breweries were invited and attended the Women’s Day brew, which will be making donations from sales of the beer to the local community by donating to fight breast cancer and to a local woman’s safe house in Quebec. 

The beer, named La SORORITÉ to signify solidarity between women and a community composed of women, was designed by Wood and used Rahr Premium Pilsner base malt, BSG Hops, and Fermentis yeasts for the recipe. “I used 95% HGV German hops sold by BSG,” said Wood about the hops used for the recipe, “inspired by my recent collaborative brews with Horst Dornbusch brewing a new style of Aroma Forward brews.” The design for the beer is a hybrid, with mixed Ale and Lager yeasts inspired by Cream Ales, with subtle caramel notes. 

The brew day was February 11th, which will make the beer ready for release on Women’s Day on March 8th. The label  the La SORORITÉ can at release, seen above, was designed by Deborah Wood as well. 

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