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TNS HopZero® Clarity 1L


HopZero® Clarity is a natural hop fraction that cuts through sweet, worty character in low and no-alcohol beer. It delivers a clean profile and refreshing finish.

HopZero® liquid hop oils from TNS are designed specifically for non-alcoholic beers and other low-alcohol styles, from low-ABV sours to seltzers. Light stable and natural, HopZero® products can improve bitterness, mouthfeel, body, and aroma.

For reducing beer losses, saving on shipping and storage, and brewing up a more satisfying sensory experience, HopZero® hop oils are a flowable, fully soluble natural hop extract. They can also be used to build beer bases for later HopBurst® additions.

Suggested Dosage Rate
12–24 g/bbl or mL/bbl (10-20 mL/hL, or 0.4 – 0.8 mL/gallon) for lighter styles
35–47 g/bbl or mL/bbl (30-40 mL/hL, or 1.1 – 1.5 mL/gallon) for IPAs and hoppy styles

Optimal dosage rate depends on the beer you’re brewing and other ingredients being used. Because TNS Hop Oils are highly concentrated, we recommend performing a bench trial for evaluation first, then scaling up to production volumes.

HopZero® hop oils can be added to malt extract blends, de-alcoholized beer, and restricted-fermentation beer either inline, or directly to a bright tank. Allow dosed beer to rest for 2-3 hours before conducting lab tests or sensory trials.

Benefits of TNS Hop Oils
HopZero® Overview