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TNS HopPlus® Grapefruit IPA Hop Oil With Flavor 1L


HopPlus® Grapefruit IPA blends natural grapefruit extract with carefully selected hop oils to create an intense flavor profile ideal for IPA style beers. Best for use in seasonal and specialty juicy IPAs such as Grapefruit IPA, Pale Ale and NEIPA to bring added brightness to your flavor profile.

HopPlus® line from TNS offers the addition of fruit, botanical and specialty flavors and aromas to finished beers without the need prepare fruit or handle raw materials. These natural fruit and botanical extracts blended with hop oils create a unique, all-natural flavor profile while eliminating prep time.

HopPlus® hop oils are 100% soluble in beer, are available all year round, eliminate prep time and beer loss while providing consistent route to a quality seasonal and specialty beer.

Suggested dosage rate:
12–24 g/bbl or mL/bbl (10-20 mL/hL, or 0.4 – 0.8 mL/gallon) for lighter styles
35–47 g/bbl or mL/bbl (30-40 mL/hL, or 1.1 – 1.5 mL/gallon) for IPAs and hoppy styles

Optimal dosage rate depends on the beer you’re brewing and other ingredients being used. Because TNS Hop Oils are highly concentrated, we recommend performing a bench trial for evaluation first, then scaling up to production volumes.

HopPlus® hop oils can be added post-fermentation: either inline, or directly to a bright tank. Allow dosed beer to rest for 2-3 hours before conducting lab tests or sensory trials.

Benefits of TNS Hop Oils