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TNS HopGain® Haze Hop Oil 1L


HopGain® Haze is a natural 100% hop-derived extract designed to impart stable natural haze, cleansing bitterness, and flavors and aromas of your favorite tropical and citrus fruits. Incorporate it in a range of styles, from Hazy IPAs and Hazy Pale Ales to German-Style Hefeweizens. 

HopGain® Haze from TNS optimizes a range of brewing recipes by enhancing foam and creating haze formation. This not only adds functionality and complexity to your brew but also saves you money. Using HopGain® Haze in place of heavy flocculating yeast strains, for example, can improve technical processing.  

HopGain® Haze is fully soluble. It improves beer consistency, reduces microbial risk, and reduces beer loss through absorption. Additionally, TNS uses fully natural hop-derived solutions, ensuring a clean label for your product. 

Suggested Dosage Rate:
40 mL/hL for 20EBC haze 

Optimal dosage rate depends on the beer you’re brewing and other ingredients being used. Because TNS Hop Oils are highly concentrated, we recommend performing a bench trial for evaluation first, then scaling up to production volumes. 

HopGain® Haze is intended for addition to fined or filtered beers. It can be dosed into finished beer without the need for subsequent filtration. significant stirring/agitation is required for maximum effect. For optimal results, dose HopGain® Haze with an in-line dosing system into the beer stream on transfer to the bright beer tank or racking vessel.  

HopGain® Haze can also be added direct into the finishing vessel prior to transferring the beer. For dosing direct to casks, we recommend doing so either during the racking process or into the full cask. HopGain® Haze should be added separately from cask finings.

Benefits of HopGain® Haze